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Are your muscles REaDy for Train.Red?

Are your muscles REaDy for Train.Red? - Train.Red

Training for your first 5 km run? We can help you.

Training to qualify for the IRONMAN WC 2022? We can help you.

Adding more repetitions or weight in the gym? We can help you.


The essence is simple.

To move, muscles pull on your bones to bend or straighten around your joints. When you want to go faster, higher or heavier, your muscles need to work harder. However, the storage of energy in your muscles is very limited. As a result, your heart rate and respiratory rate will go up to facilitate the energy-carrying substrates. Your muscles play a central role not only by influencing the fascinating process of protein and energy metabolism but also because you need your muscles in order to move.

We help measure your muscle performance.

Be ahead, Train.Red

We are Train.Red. A corporate spin-off from Artinis Medical Systems B.V., the world leader in scientific, wearable (f)NIRS equipment and creator of the current golden standard. With Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy (NIRS) we can quantify the relative changes in oxy,- and deoxyhemoglobin concentration and derive the oxygenated saturation in your muscle tissue. This technique is not new but has been optimized for the past 50 years from science and research till now. Train.Red adopted this technology and experience from Artinis and translated it to something which is not only for scientists. We believe that every athlete should be able to fully benefit from their own muscles' potential.

Not every athlete is a hobby-researcher or has a team supporting them based on the newest insights. The data we collect is comprehensible and understandable. It is state-of-the-art, proven, and validated muscle oxygenation data. Pretty complicated to wrap your head around. We are also learning daily by the constantly evolving knowledge base.

How can you measure your muscle performance?

Let’s zoom out a bit; During a repetition, you use oxygen. During the rest period, you recover. Connect the sensor to our smartphone application and you can monitor these changes over time. With the help of smart algorithms, we translate this data into actionable understanding without the need of a scientist. Our technology shows you when to pick up the pace, or when to recover a tiny bit longer to maximize your efficiency during training/exercise.

Train.Red developed the sensors, the AI, and the integration in your training routine to help you to get ahead. Our sensor is based on the golden standard in muscle oxygenation research, the PortaMon from Artinis Medical Systems. For our translation of data, we collaborate with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) – Austria’s largest research and technology organization focusing on innovations for the day after tomorrow. The smartphone application is created in conjunction with Alysis, experts in usability and user experience, software, and app development. We are currently working on the implementation for different devices. This means it will not only be compatible with your smartphone but with your sports watch or cycling computer of choice as well.

Are you REaDy? We shall share continuous insights on how we change the landscape of sports training. We are doing the hard work now, so you can do the hard work in the most efficient and smart way later. Did we grab your attention? join team.Red to become one of the first Redletes.

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