We believe that every athlete should be able to fully benefit from their own muscles' potential.

We are Train.Red

Train.Red tracks your muscles in real-time. We translate oxygen data from your muscles to features that guide any sports enthusiast to improve strength and endurance performance.

Train.Red is a corporate spin-off from Artinis Medical Systems B.V., the world leader in scientific, wearable (f)NIRS equipment and creator of the current golden standard. With Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy (NIRS) we can quantify the relative changes in oxy,- and deoxyhemoglobin concentration and derive the oxygenated saturation in your muscle tissue. This technique is not new but has been optimised for the past 50 years from science and research till now.

Train.Red adopted this technology and experience from Artinis and translated it to something which is not only for scientists.

We believe that every athlete should be able to fully benefit from their own muscles' potential.

Train.Red HQ

Situated in the east of the Netherlands

Grow together. The muscles of Train.Red are the people. We are Train.Red, a young, energetic & vibrant team.

CEO and Co-Founder


"Be motivated by what you do, and be proud of what you represent!

As a sports enthusiast and co-founder of Train.Red. I have the privilege to combine my passion for sports, innovation, and people on a daily basis.

At Train.Red we believe that technology is here to enhance our customer's capabilities and sports experiences. That is why we focus on how our solutions can improve any sports performance.

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Performance Innovator and Co-Founder


"From science to practice to science and back."

Working together with sports scientists, physiotherapists, coaches, athletes, and anybody involved in sports to make the Train.Red system as beneficial as possible to everybody who wants to improve, or maintain their performance.

I’m basically a kid in a candy store here at Train.Red, but the kid is a triathlete and the candy is data.

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Digital Marketing Expert


"We can't become what we want by remaining what we are."

I started my fitness journey after losing a lot of weight and I got very interested in fitness and health. I'm also a content creator and have my own podcast.

Here at Train.Red I get to combine what I love to do, and help translate our story, vision, and our data into words and visuals. And reach and build our community with as much value as possible.

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Application Specialist


Having a past in both amateur and professional sport, it really motivates me to see how innovation is elevating the limits of sport as we knew in the past. Sports performance is my passion, and I believe technology is becoming the “best friend” of both coaches and athletes in the road to success. 

As an Application Specialist, I am making sure that the Train.Red sensors are evidence-based and that our users can take most profit of our features and applications.

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Embedded Technology Engineer


Here at Train.Red I'm the go-to tech guy for all the embedded technologies related to the Train.Red System.

Over the past years, we developed intelligent NIRS systems by combining years of experience and development of Artinis Medical Systems B.V with the smartest technologies available.

We are always looking for new opportunities, and I shall personally help 3rd parties with our solution.

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Are you next?

Do you have a passion for sports and the skills to share it with the world? Can you bring fresh-dynamic ideas to the table and translate them into action in a fast-paced company in formation?

Then this is your chance! Check our open vacancies to see how you can be part of Train.Red and work towards a world with a new metric to improve performance.


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