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In this episode of the BE AHEAD podcast, Kim and Jeroen discuss the topic of being fit and healthy. They explore the definition and measurement of fitness, focusing on VO2Max as an indicator of health and fitness. They also discuss the usage of muscle oxygen sensors, such as Train.Red FYER, and how they can be utilized to improve performance. They highlight the importance of measuring oxygen consumption at the muscle level and how it can guide training interventions. 
In this episode the hosts Kim and Jeroen discuss VO2Max. It is the maximum amount of oxygen a person can consume during exercise and is a measure of cardiorespiratory fitness. It indicates how efficiently the body utilizes oxygen. VO2Max is important for understanding fitness levels, setting training goals, and tailoring workouts. It can also be useful in assessing fatigue or recovery after illness.
VO2Master and Train.Red have partnered to enhance athletes' performance improvement by utilizing technology and data. VO2Master measures the volume of oxygen consumed by the body, providing insights into overall body effort. The VO2 Master Manager app integrates Train.Red sensors, allowing real-time monitoring of multiple data sources. The correlation between VO2 and muscle oxygenation is evident during exercise tests.