Train.Red FYER Sensor
Train.Red FYER Sensor
Train.Red FYER Sensor
Train.Red FYER Sensor
Train.Red FYER Sensor - Train.Red

Train.Red FYER Sensor

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The FYER is the smallest and most innovative wearable muscle oxygen sensor in the world. To improve your performance, you invest time and energy in equipment, standardized training programs, supplements, etc., but often we forget the one thing that drives our performance: our muscles.


Our FYER muscle oxygen sensor comes with: the Train.Red FYER, a charging cable, one Patch Pack (20 patches), and one Strap Pack (S-M-L) all in a durable travel-pouch.

    In real time

    Muscle Oxygen: SMO2% graph and number per sensor.

    Muscle states: 5 intensity zones of your muscle muscle.

    Pace yourself with time in muscle states.

    Smart rest to train endurance, hypertrophy, or maximal strength!

    Muscle Stress Score number of muscle stress of the session

    we measure

    NIRS: Near InfraRed Spectroscopy

    TSI%: the percentage of oxygen in your muscles (tissue saturation index)

    02Hb changes: in blood with oxygen (oxyhemoglobin) 

    HHb changes: blood without oxygen (de-oxyhemoglobin)

    tHb: a critical measure of blood oxygen transport capacity

    HbDiff: difference of 02Hb and HHb


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