Train.Strap around arm with Fyer sensor attached
Train.Strap sizes: Strap S - 37cm, Strap M - 54cm, Strap L - 69cm
Athlete strapping the Fyer sensor around his leg with a Train.Strap
Two athletes with the Fyer sensor and Train.Strap around their middle to place the sensor over the rectus abdominis muscle


The Train.Strap-pack consists of 3 straps specially designed for the Train.Red FYER. The strap ensures comfort and grip for any athlete during any activity. The Train.Strap comes in three different sizes:

  • Train.Strap I, small size for arm and lower leg (300mm of stretchable fabric)
  • Train.Strap II, medium size for your arms and legs (460mm of stretchable fabric)
  • Train.Strap III, large size for your leg or core (620mm of stretchable fabric)

One of each is included in the Train.Strap package.

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