Connectivity Manual

1. download Garmin apps

Ensure that you download both Garmin Connect
and Garmin ConnectIQ app to your smartphone

2. Add devices

On the Garmin Connect app:

1. Go to the settings on the top
left corner of your screen (iOS) or bottom left corner of your screen (Android)

2. Choose ‘Garmin Devices’

3. Then ‘Add Device’

3. Find Train.Red sensors

On the Garmin ConnectIQ Smartphone App:

1. Search for ‘Train.Red’

2. On ‘Data Fields’, you will find all the Train.Red sensors in the area.

4. Connect sensor on your app

On your Garmin, choose the activity you are executing.

In the Menu, choose 'Settings', 'Activity Profiles', and then go to 'Data Screens'

5. Show data on GArmin

On your Garmin:

1. Choose 'Screen 1'

2. Next, select 'Data Screen', and choose which sensor you want to visualize.
3. Press 'Done' and data will be displayed

6. Add sensor position

After installation, the data from your Train.Red sensor will automatically synchronize with your device. In Garmin ConnectIQ you can set up the position of the sensor, the duration of the graph, and the unique ID of the sensor (set it to 0 if you do not know it)

7. Save Training

You will now be able to add the data field by setting up the training screens. You will visualize and track your Muscle Oxygen data during your training and competitions by connecting the sensor with different Garmin devices (cycle computers and watches). When you start the training, data will be automatically recorded in the .fit file